Your choice of 'Lipstick shade' says a lot about you; see PICS to know more

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 20, 2023

Red: People who choose any shades of red lipstick are often seen as bold, passionate and creative

They enjoy being the centre of attention. Darker shades of red denotes sophistication and says that you’re a goal-oriented person

Nude: People who choose nude-shaded lipsticks don’t prefer being in the spotlight. Nude shades also connote that the wearer is real and not a pretentious person

They are some of the most trustworthy friends and are caring and warm

Pink: Women who prefer wearing pink lipsticks are enthusiastic, bubbly and playful. They aren’t afraid to stand out, and they are very comfortable in their own skin

They tend to have high ambition and a sense of self-worth

Brown: is a warm-toned and earthy colour

People who choose a brown shade as their everyday lip colour are calm and composed

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