World Semicolon Day: 10 trendy and meaningful tattoos you must try to advocate mental health

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 16, 2023

Back in 2017, Selena Gomez, Tommy Dorfman and Alisha Boe got a 'semicolon' tattoo to show solidarity with those suffering with mental health issues and experiencing suicidal thoughts. This came during the days of their show: 13 Reasons Why.

As we observe World Semicolon Day on April 16, a day dedicated to presenting hope and love in lives of those struggling with mental illness, here are a few ideas to ink yourself in a way to go trendy as well as advocate mental health.

The semicolon symbolizes a continuation and it's much deeper and meaningful than a mere punctuation mark.

A semicolon tattoo represents turning a new page and starting a fresh, even when it feels like situations are putting a full stop to your life.

Let us call it infinity to love and embrace oneself.

If pets are something that make you happy and help you feel better during tough days, this cute kitty tattoo is a must try.

Want to smile and shine, despite it being a sunny day or not? Check out this sunflower-inspired semicolon tattoo.

To pay tribute to those who won over suicidal thoughts, the "warrior" tattoo is just perfect.

Let the negative feelings fly and fade away with this tattoo.

The semicolon says "my story isn't over."

"I could've ended my life...But I didn't."

Let the semicolon remind you of how beautiful and precious it is to breathe.

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