World Malaria Day 2023: 5 Effective home remedies to treat the disease

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 24, 2023

Malaria is one of the deadliest mosquito borne disease. According to WHO, the symptoms can be mild or lifethreatening that includes fever, chills, headache, fatigue, seizures, and difficulty breathing

Make sure to visit a doctor and get a blood test done for proper diagnosis. Post that your doctor will likely prescribe antimalarial medication for treatment. Here are 5 home remedies that will help you recover faster, apart from doctor's medicines

Cinnamon is one of the most effective spice that will help you recover from Malaria. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in warm water and consume it daily

Turmeric helps in killing malaria parasite and its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing muscle and joint pain. Drink a glass of turmeric milk every night to deal with malaria

Apple Cider Vinegar is another natural ingredient that will help in reducing fever caused in malaria. Dilute apple cider vinegar with water and soak cloth in it. Place it on your forehead for 10 minutes for best results

Ginger can provide relief from pain and treat nausea. Add ginger in hot water and drink it twice a day

Orange Juice has Vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity and reducing fever. You can have 2 to 3 glasses of fresh orange juice if you are infected with malaria

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