World Hindi Day 2023: Do you know what calendar is called in Hindi? 11 Hindi words that we don't use anymore

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 09, 2023

'World Hindi Day' or 'Vishwa Hindi Divas' is celebrated on January 10 every year. Let's see some words that we use daily but never thought what they will be called in Hindi. Here is the list- Calender: 'Dinadarshikaa'

Tube Light: 'Danda Deepak'

Nail Cutter: 'Nakha Kartak'

Train: 'Loh-path-gamini'

Engineering: 'Abhiyaantriki'

Air hostess: 'Viman Paricharika'

Editing: 'Sampaadan'

Ownership: 'Svaamitv'

Philosopher: 'Daarshanik'

Fire Brigade: 'Agni Shaamak Dal' or 'Damkal Dal'

Interfere: 'Hastakshep'

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