World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2023: 5 Signs To Recognise Abuse & Helpline Numbers In India

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 14, 2023

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is an annual observance held on June 15 to raise awareness about the mistreatment and abuse of older adults. Recognising the signs of elder abuse is crucial for identifying and addressing these issues. Here are 5 common signs that may indicate elder abuse

Physical injuries: Unexplained bruises, cuts, burns, fractures, or other physical injuries can be indicators of physical abuse. Pay attention to repeated injuries or injuries in various stages of healing, as these may be signs of ongoing abuse

Behavioural changes: Sudden changes in an older adult's behaviour, such as withdrawal, anxiety, depression, fearfulness, could be signs of emotional abuse. Abusive behavior can cause significant psychological distress in older individuals

Isolation and withdrawal: Older adults who are victims of abuse may be isolated from friends, family, and other support networks by their abusers. Pay attention if you notice that the individual is prevented from having visitors or phone conversations, if they exhibit signs of social withdrawal

Financial exploitation: Look for signs of financial abuse, such as unexplained or sudden changes in the older person's financial situation, missing money or valuables, unauthorized withdrawals or transfers, or sudden inclusion of previously uninvolved individuals in financial matters

Neglect and self-neglect: It occurs when a caregiver fails to meet an older adult's basic needs, such as food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, or medical care. Signs of neglect can include poor personal hygiene, untreated medical conditions, malnutrition, dehydration, unsafe living conditions, or the absence of necessary assistive devices

Here are Important helpline numbers in India where one can report Elderly Abuse cases. Senior Citizens National Helpline, Government of India Toll-Free Number (14567) or HelpAge India National Helpline (18001801253) or Police Number (100)

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