What is Love-Bombing? Signs to know if you are the victim of it

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 12, 2023

Love-bombing is when a person showers us with attention and affection quickly, but later engages in emotional abuse; according to psychologist Dr Nicole LePera

Signs that you are being love-bombed include: They focus all their attention on you and make grand declarations quickly

The person creates a fantasy version of you

When you start spending majority of your time with them, you will experience conflicting situations, because the love-bomber's fantasy about you may not match with real you; which makes them angry

Then comes, emotional abuse and control

A person being love-bombed gets confused with this nature of their partner as the shift comes from most loving to abusive and aggressive behaviour

You then, develop an unconscious adaptation to this nature to maintain the relationship and to protect from abandonment

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