Wellness: 6 Ways To Choose The Right Mayonnaise For Added Vitamin E Benefit

By: Manoj J | November 29, 2023

They may say Mayonnaise is high on calories and fat, but it has certain benefits if consumed in moderation, including Vitamin E & K. While home-made sauces and chutneys have long been staples in Indian recipes, mayonnaise has gained popularity

From sandwiches, rolls, and salads to pizzas, potatoes, and chicken dishes, mayo is a common base for every popular snack. Dr. Shweta Rastogi, Clinical dietitian and lifestyle medicine consultant points out a few steps to pick up right mayonnaise

Consistency Check: The mayonnaise should exhibit a uniform, effortlessly spreadable, free of lumps, creamy, and smooth texture. The mayonnaise should maintain a consistently creamy texture throughout its entire shelf life

Type of fats: Mayonnaise made from Unsaturated oils such as Soyabean oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil are recommended, as unsaturated fatty acids are researched to be good for the heart

Ingredients: It's essential to carefully examine the list of ingredients to fully grasp what the product contains. You'll find information about the types of oil used, salt, sugar, spices & condiments.

Cost and Shelf life:. When picking the right mayonnaise for your needs, strike a balance between cost and shelf life to ensure you get both value for your money and a condiment that lasts

Versatility/Flavors: A simple vegetable sandwich or salad can be transformed by adding flavored mayonnaise, making a significant difference. These flavours are available in low fat versions

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