Warning! Don't visit these 7 Haunted places in Goa

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 21, 2023

Three Kings’ Church: Located in the quiet and serene village of Cansaulim, 15km from Valsaav in South Goa is a holy sanctuary which has a history of its own. Numerous paranormal sightings have been recorded in and across the church walls and even, The GRIP team of Indian Paranormal Society inspected the place and confirmed about this

Rachol Seminary Arch: is said to be haunted by the spirit of a sentinel dating back to the era of the Portuguese rule. Locals pass on the story of a soldier spirit that appears in the official attire, and walks to and fro under the arch, denying entry to any person that he deems unworthy

Ghost Hostel: is a spooky building that lies at the end of the Agonda beach in the Southern Goa. Sina Hotel is the actual name of the hotel and was in the process of becoming a massive resort when construction halted 25 years ago as the owners ran out of money and after one of the owners was murdered. After which people started noticing weird happenings in the rooms of that building

Saligao Village, Goa: is believed to be haunted by a ghost named Christalina. A banyan tree in the village is considered to be the breeding ground of the spirit. The tale, dating back over 6 decades, talks of a Portuguese man who went missing. When discovered, he was covered in scratches and wounds. All that he said on being questioned was that he had been taken by Christalina

The Rodrigues Home: at Verna, Goa is a spooky house with spirits and people claim that the windows and doors here open at will, lights keep flickering on and off, kitchen cutlery keeps moving, and linens keep appearing & disappearing at midnight without anyone entering the house

D’Mello House: at Santimol, Goa is a deserted house with paranormal activities. Locals often hear sounds of glass breaking, windows shutting wildly and evil screams from the house

Baytakhol, Goa: Baytakhol, between Dhavali and Bori, does not only has a gripping story behind it but has also actually been the cause of numerous accidents of vehicles passing by this stretch. Legend has it that travellers are petrified by the sight of a little girl screaming loudly in the middle of the road. Immediately, as one tries to look back and grasp the situation, the girl vanishes causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in countless accidents

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