10 overused words you should completely avoid if you want to create an impression

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 06, 2023

Replace 'A lot of' and instead use- Copious, Numerous, Plentiful, Myriad, Oodles

Happy: Alternative words are Pleased, Cheerful, Delighted, Thrilled, Elated, Gleeful, Ecstatic

Bad: You can use Subpar, Crummy, Lousy, or even Abysmal, Atrocious, or Deplorable

Unique: Try another words such as Exceptional, Distinctive, Idiosyncratic, Atypical, Extraordinary, Anomalous, or Peculiar

Change; Depending on the context, you could use Alter, Transform, Revamp, Modify, Vary, or Metamorphose

You can replace 'Look' with other verbs like Glance, Peep, Glare, Peek, Gape, Leer, Gaze, Ogle, or Squint

Avoid using 'Interesting'- include Engaging, Gripping, Riveting, or Captivating in your sentences

Ditch 'Very / Really' and incorporate Truly, Genuinely, Exceedingly, Profoundly in your vocabulary

You could swap 'Hard' (work) for Demanding, Arduous, Onerous, Grueling, Exacting, Laborious, Challenging

Important: Instead use Crucial, Essential, Critical, Vital, Imperative, Pivotal, Momentous, and to over-emphaise Earth-shattering

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