Vastu Secrets: 7 Places To Avoid Storing Liquor For A Trouble-Free Life

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 15, 2023

When it comes to incorporating Vastu principles for storing alcohol and a home bar placement, here are 7 tips to keep in mind

Do not store alcohol in kitchen: Vastu suggests it is beneficial to have a dedicated area for the bar, preferably separate from the kitchen or dining area. This helps to maintain a clear distinction between cooking, dining and socialising spaces to disrupting the flow of energy

Avoid South-east direction: According to Vastu, the South east direction should be avoided to store alcohol or build a home bar as it can cause loss of money

Do not store alcohol in a bar with sharp corners: Vastu suggests that the bar counter should have a rounded shape or curved edges instead of sharp corners. This is because the sharp corners are believed to generate negative energy

Avoid South-facing home bar: The direction of the home bar is very important for storing alcohol and a south facing bar can cause sleeping disorders or insomnia

Avoid West-of-South-West: Vastu suggestes to avoid the West-of-South-West of the house as it may have a negative effect on the conentration and learning abilities of the residents

Mirror Placement: Mirrors are often used in bars to create an illusion of space and to reflect light. Ensure that the mirror does not reflect any negative elements like clutter or the main entrance

Store at a place with right colour shades: The colour of the cabinet where you store the alcohol matters. So, choose a bar cabinet that is made from wood but should be painted white, black or in shades of blue

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