Valentine's Day 2023: Try these 7 desserts to sweeten your relationship

By: FPJ Web Desk | February 13, 2023

Share a Cupcake with your partner to celebarte Valentine's Day

Chocolate cake is another classic dessert option for all

Go desi! Eat Jalebi Rabri to celebrate the day of LOVE

Cheesecake is a dish to eat for all the chocolate haters

Chococlate Brownie is a another fan favourite. Pair it up with some vanilla ice cream and hot chcoclate sauce

Macarons is a colourful French sweet dish, which will definetly add some sweetness to your relationship

Chocolate Mousse is some we all love to eat. The fun fact is that this sweet dish is the easiest to cook. Just whip up some heavy cream, add ingredients and freeze. Voila! Your dish is ready

Gulab Jamun, the popular Indian sweet is quite popular in India. This sweet dish made with Chashni will add the much needed sweetness in your love life

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Domino’s India makes Valentine’s Day special with limited edition heart-shaped pizza

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