Trying to lose weight? 6 food habits to avoid that are making you fat

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 21, 2023

Thinking you are having ‘occasional treats': but these are a lot more than you are aware of. Treats causes our blood sugar levels to spike, and long-term can lead to type 2 diabetes

Using food as a reward

Being overly focused on calories: When we base our meals around starchy carbohydrates, it can lead to blood sugar fluctuations. This can result in excessive hunger and cravings for starchy or sweet foods

Choosing food marketed as ‘healthy’: If you are still seeking out low-fat options in the supermarket, it’s time to stop. Fat has an important role in our feeling of satiety. Another problem is the label “No added sugar”. There are many foods that are marketed as healthy options, but they aren’t supporting weight management at all. Granola, fruit juice, certain yoghurts and dried fruits are all surprisingly high in sugar

Eating when you’re not hungry: when you are stressed, lonely, ­out of boredom, or simply to reward yourself after a long day which can compromise your health and weight management

Eating too fast: Many people eat too fast which can mean that the stomach doesn’t have time to signal to the brain that it’s full, resulting in them eating until they are over-full

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