True Confessions Day 2023: 10 Signs he is trying to confess his feelings for you

By: Chhaya Gupta | March 14, 2023

He can’t take his eyes off you: His eyes will make you feel admired and there are chances that he is going to admit his feelings for you soon

There’s consistency between his words and actions: that is definitely one of the signs he wants to confess his feelings. If he promise you something, rest assured he would be there. This proves that he values your presence in his life and is not willing to disappoint you at any cost

Talking to you is his golden opportunity: He won’t miss a single chance to have a chat with you and would make every attempt to know more about you

He remembers every small detail and information about you: that you have shared with him once upon a time

He is supportive of your passion: and trying to convey that, with him, you won’t have to give up on your dreams and ambitions. He would rather nurture and appreciate your career goals

He is very protective of you: He will take very good care of you, of your safety, ensure that you reach home safely, your health is fine and you aren't facing any kind of trouble

He is a very good listener: He listens to your relentless chattering. His full attention will be on you with no distractions like scrolling through his phone. He maintains eye contact throughout, his mindful gestures and body language proves that he has feelings for you, that he will confess soon

He replies faster than the flash: He will always be eagerly waiting by the phone for that ping. He wants to keep the chat going and won’t shy away from double texting

He apologises for his mistakes: If he has hurt you in any way, he would come back and make a genuine apology until the smile is back on your face

His eyes sparkle when they see you: You can always interpret his emotions vividly in his eyes. Those musing, expressive eyes that just light up at the sight of you

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