The Hidden Code: Deep-Rooted Meaning Of 24 Spokes Of Ashok Chakra In The Indian National Flag

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 15, 2023

Similar to the tricolour Indian Nation Flag, the 24 spokes of Ashoka Chakra also, are representative of the 24 qualities of a man. They also represent continuity, motion and India's progress. Here is the deep-rooted meaning of each spoke in Ashoka Chakra: 1. Chastity: To live a simple life. 2. Health: Inspires to live a healthy life. 3. Peace: To maintain peace and harmony in the country.

4. Sacrifice: To develop spirit of sacrifice for the country and the society. 5. Morality: To maintain high morality and modesty in all spheres of one's life. 6. Service: Should be ready to serve the country and society when needed.

7. Forgiveness: One should have a sense of forgiveness for all living beings. 8. Love: To love the country and the society. 9. Friendship: To remain friendly with all the citizens.

10. Fraternity: To have a sense of brotherhood for fellow human beings. 11. Organization: Strengthening the unity and integrity of the nation. 12. Welfare: Participation in welfare activities related to country and society.

13. Prosperity: To actively participate in the prosperity and development of the country. 14. Industry: To assist in the industrial progress of the country. 15. Safety: To always be ready to protect the country.

16. Awareness: To remain aware of the truth and avoiding belief in rumours. 17. Equality: To strive to establish an equality-based society. 18. Artha: Utilization of money for the greater good.

19. Policy: To have faith in the country’s policies. 20. Justice: Advocating for justice and fairness for all. 21. Co-operation: Working together for the greater good of the nation and society as a whole.

22. Duty: Performing duties honestly and sincerely. 23. Rights: Using one’s rights in the right way and abstaining from their misuse. 24. Wisdom: Pursuit of knowledge and understanding through learning and education.

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