Summer drink fiesta: Rejuvenating Orange Kaffir Lime Cooler recipe to beat the heat

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 30, 2023

Any classic drink would have lemon in some form – whether it's a dash of juice, a pinch of zest, lemonade too-up or a little bit as garnish. Lemon is wonderfully versatile. Moreover, this little fruit has a lot of health benefits, especially in summers

And if you are looking for a healthy drink that can also give you respite form this scorching heat. Here's a refreshing Orange Kaffir lime cooler for your sunny days

Orange Kaffir Lime Cooler Ingredients: Orange juice – 100 ml, Kaffir lime – 4 leaves, Mint – 10 leaves, Orange zest – 5 gm, Lemon chop – 5 gm, Ice cubes – 6 cubes, Soda – 200 ml, Sugar syrup – 15 ml

Method: Step 1: Middle the kaffir lime leads and orange zest & pace in glass

Step 2: Add chopped lemons & mint leaves.

Step 3: Add ice & pour orange juice on it and add sugar syrup & soda on top

Step 5: Stir well & garnish with orange slice.

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