Sam Altman To Gabriel Attal: 9 Influential People Who Came Out As Gay

By: Rahul M | January 12, 2024

Sam Altman: The OpenAI CEO who tied the knot with his boyfriend Oliver Mulherin earlier this week came out as gay during his teens.

Gabriel Attal: France’s youngest prime minister replacing Macron in a cabinet shuffle recently made the headlines for not only political reasons but also being the youngest and first openly gay PM.

Noah Schnapp: Known for his performance in Stranger Things, the actor came out as gay in 2023 and took to announce it on TikTok.

Jakub Jankto: The Czech professional footballer opened up on being gay last year and said, “I no longer want to hide...”

Shinjiro Atae: The J-pop artist who gave the world ‘Into The Light’ also came out as gay in 2023 during a live event in Tokyo attended by more than 2,000 fans.

Carl Nassib: In 2021, the American footballer broke the silence on their sexuality and publicly announced being gay.

Ricky Martin: The singer-songwriter came out as gay in 2010 and talked about struggling with his sexuality as a gay man and fearing of not being able to become a parent.

Wendell Rodricks: While India has its own apprehensions towards the queer community, the Goa-based fashion designer who passed away in 2020 was a gay and a gay rights activist.

Tim Cook: Many might be unaware that the Apple CEO openly talked of being gay in 2014 while telling the younger generation that “it’s okay to be gay.”

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