Pride Month 2023: 7 Audio Books About LGBTQIA+ That Takes You Inside The Lives Of Queer

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 06, 2023

Being LGBTQ- Written by Sam Wise: feature interviews of LGBTQIA+ artists, singers, novelists, activists, and filmmakers and the impact created by the LGBTQ+ on the world, with their activism, art, and documentation

Burning My Roti- Written and Narrated by Sharan Shaliwal: chronicles the lives of coming-of-age queer South Asian Women. Sharan Dhaliwal sheds light on her journey towards self-love, offering advice, support, and comfort to people going through similar situations in life

The Gay Best Friend- Written by Nicolas DiDomizio and Narrated by Daniel Henning: A gay best friend is every woman’s muse shoulder to cry on and a companion one can trust

Horse Barbie- Written and Narrated by Geena Rocero: is a heartfelt memoir of a trans pageant queen from the Philippines who went back into the closet to model in New York City—until she realized that living her truth was the only way to step into her full power

Tan France’s Queer Icons- Written by Tan France: Join Queer Eye’s Tan France to take a look at the lives, and struggles of historic queer icons. This one-of-a-kind podcast will entice you with beguiling queer tales from the past

Shikhandi and Other Queer Stories They Don't Tell You- Written by Devdutt Pattanaik and Narrated by Rajiv Dadiya: This mythological account is tellingly an inspiring triumph of good over evil with queer representation battling stereotypes in an age-old epic. You can listen to these audio books on audible

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