Planning an air travel? 8 tricks to book cheap flight tickets online

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 25, 2023

Use Incognito mode: before booking as most airlines and online flight ticket booking platforms get your searched data via browser cookies. For instance, if you have looked for the flight ticket from Bangalore to Mumbai and returned after a while to book it, most probably you will see a higher fare rate

Airline websites: may have better offers. A ‘calendar view’ booking system helps in identifying days when tickets are comparatively cheap

Flight price tracker extensions for Chrome and Edge: are the third-party extensions that track flight prices. They alert the users in case of price drops. Some common plug-ins available are Flight Fare Compare, CheaperThere, etc.

Google Flights: allows users to check flight details, compare prices from different online ticket booking websites and more

Google Flight price history tracker: shows a price graph of a particular flight from the past 60 days and also lets users know whether the current price is economical, expensive or cheap

Price comparison on Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge also has a feature that looks up the flight prices on the competing websites and lets you know if a lower price is available elsewhere. Simply click on the blue price tag icon at the top to see the list of prices along with direct links

Airline loyalty points and programme: Airlines assign points as part of the offer deals and discounts on flight booking which can be redeemed for flight tickets

Bank travel cards: come with deals, discounts and cashback offers on flight or train bookings

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