Pet Care: 6 Ways Puzzle Feeders And Toys Can Help Build Confidence In Your Pet

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 15, 2023

Our furry companions, just like humans, have a deep need for mental exercise to thrive and find fulfilment in their lives. To nurture their minds, puzzles and similar toys can keep them challenged. Dr Shantanu Kalmabi, Chief Veterinary Officer at Supertails suggests how it can shape your pet's behaviour

Keeps your pet engaged: These can be through interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and training exercises. This will help in their mental stimulation and enhance their mental sharpness

Teaches them a new skill: When pets are mentally stimulated, they experience a heightened sense of fulfilment and purpose. Solving a puzzle or mastering a new skill through interactive toys can build a sense of accomplishment in your pet

Breaks the boredom: The destructive behaviours like excessive barking, and undesirable habits reveal that the pet needs more mental exercise as they can succumb to boredom easily. Keep them engaged through challenging puzzles and spend time with them, else they will start chewing your furniture, shoes and chargers

Build a relationship: Frustration is one of the major reason that your pet has unwanted behaviour. Interactive toys, puzzle feeders, and training exercises redirect their energy towards engaging in activities, satisfying their instincts, and preventing the development of undesirable behaviours

Daily routine: Having a routine of indoor and outdoor gaming will enhance your pet's mental stimulation. Let your pet exercise its mind while bonding with you through toys. Make these activities a daily habit to build a strong animal-human connection

Ageing gracefully: As your pet ages, it is important to maintain their mental well-being. Similar to human conditions like dementia, can affect senior pets. However, challenging their mental ability through puzzle feeders and training exercises can build a sense of accomplishment and confidence in them

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