Panic Attacks: 6 Effective Ways Of Calming Yourself Down

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 20, 2023

A feeling of racing heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling and muscle tension can be a panic attack. Here's how you can calm yourself down

Recognise and accept it: if you are feeling anyone of the symptom at a time, recognise if you are having a panic attack. Know that it's a psychological response to stress and anxiety. Once you accept it is a panic attack you will feel less fear

Deep breathing: Start focusing on your breath. Take slow and deep breaths. Follow inhale and exhale process with the count of four. This will help you feel less suffocated

Shift your focus: Divert your senses to different activities. Try and look around to identify a few things. Touch a few things and see if you can hear, smell or taste something

Positive self-talk: No one can bring you out of panic attack than yourself. Remember it is a mind's response and not a physical ailment. A self talk that motivates you can give you a reassurance of everything is fine and you will feel better

Muscle relaxation: Release tension from your muscles starting with toes leading to your head. This can release stress from muscles

Meditation: It is not only when you are having panic attacks but regular meditation can treat them completely. Observe your breath and calm yourself. You can also try guided meditation

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