New Year 2023: Take a look at how different countries across the globe welcome 'The New Year' in their unique traditions

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 01, 2023

In Spain, there is a custom of staying at home till midnight and eating twelve grapes, one at each stroke of the clock. The practice is associated with good luck for the coming year

Brazilians believe that wearing special underwear on New Year brings good luck and prosperity in the coming year

Wearing red colour underwear is associated with love and warmth and yellow colour is linked with prosperity

In Turkey, people believe that sprinkling salt on their doors at midnight on the New Year, brings prosperity and peace

Also, smashing a pomegranate in front of their houses is considered to bring fortune in the coming year

In Denmark, people throw old plates and glasses at the doors of their neighbours. It is believed that more the broken utensils, better will be the coming year

Also, on New Year's Eve, people in Denmark jump from a chair to another couch as the clock strikes 12 which is believed to bring good luck in their lives

In Colombia, three potatoes are kept under the bed of each family member. One potato is peeled, the second unpeeled and the third one is kept half peeled

At midnight, each person takes out a potato with closed eyes. Whichever potato comes into their hands, shows the person's future life, luck and financial struggle

'Vasilopita', a celebratory cake dedicated to St. Basil is cut for fortune and luck in Greece and served at midnight on New Year's Eve. A coin is inserted in the cake and whoever get the piece with the coin, is said to be granted luck for the rest of the year

People in Greece believe that seeing a bunch of thistles hanging outside their door is believed to bring good luck throughout the year

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