New Year 2023: 15 Intimate party ideas for couples who want to celebrate the New Year at home

By: Chhaya Gupta | December 28, 2022

If you are wishing to celebrate this New Year Eve entirely with your partner in the comfort of your home, you can definitely go ahead with these ideas to make it a memorable fun evening

You can use karaoke apps and try karaoke, not only it will be fun but you can actually compete with your partner, and see who sings well

Make meals together, pop the champagne, red wine or drink of your choice, turn on some soft music, and enjoy the entire evening itself with your partner

You can watch your favourite movies together while you munch on popcorn, and pizza and the evening is set. You can even enact your fav dialogues and scenes from the movies

Play Dumb Charades: let your partner guess the romantic word and challenge each other. The one who win can make their partner do whatever they want

Dress well, dance with your partner on your favourite playlist

Click pictures in funny and cosy poses

New Year gift hunting: You can put cues all over the house which will lead your partner to the 'New Year Gift' you bought for them

You can also play Dart game, Ludo, Scrabble, and many other indoor games. Also, try blowing soap bubbles; it will be fun

Fun quiz for each other: Ask your partner questions that you want them to answer like a rapid fire round or how much they know you

Make cool fun videos together which you can cherish later on

Go nostalgic, remembering best memories of your favourite moments with each other

Chit game: Ask your partner to do whatever activity is mentioned in the chit made by you two; it would be very entertaining

Ticket taste bud: Blind fold and ask your partner to identify the food item and while they guess it; you can have fun by seeing their expressions on tasting something bitter/ spicy or so on

You can plan places to visit together, activities to do together in coming year

Enjoy photos of your fond memories and moments together on TV or laptop

Write your 'New Year Resolutions' together as a couple in a new diary

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