10 romantic date ideas that will not burn a hole in your pocket

By: Chhaya Gupta | November 30, 2022

Want to date your bae but can't afford to spend more, try these interesting date ideas: Go for ice-cream date with your partner

Binge watch your favourite movies or web-series while getting cosy with your partner

Reading together can be mentally stimulating as well as will give you time to connect with each other

Another brain challenging task is to challenge your bae for a chess match (or any other indoor board game)

Preparing meal together (cooking) is the best way to strengthen your relationship

If you want to club fun with romance, plan an evening for playing pool game together

Go for a comedy show if you want to enjoy good laugh with your partner

Bowling is a fun-filled competitive activity & a time well spent with each other

Go to a beach (if you have one in your city) for a romantic date- Best place to express yourself to your partner

Plan a morning to go for cycling together, you will definitely enjoy it

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