New Year 2023: 10 resolutions for your marriage

By: FPJ Web Desk | December 29, 2022

New Year is just days away so it’s the ideal opportunity to make some resolutions. While you may typically focus on yourself, your career, and your fitness regimen, there’s one part of your life you don’t want to neglect: your marriage. Whether you’re living in wedded bliss or riding an emotional roller coaster, there are always ways to improve your relationship. We’ve listed ten best marriage resolutions you can make this year

Spend more time together: Life gets in the way and the important things in life tend to fall to the wayside. You may be too busy but keep your partner as your priority and take out time for them. Whether it be more date nights or more time at home together, be with your partner. They will appreciate having more of you in their life

Brag on one another more: It is good that the world knows about your partners. Talk about your important one to your friends. Say that you appreciate their small actions and include him in your conversation. Flaunt the gifts that your partner has given you, though, make sure you don’t go overboard that it makes your friends feel you are not with them

Flirt more: Who doesn’t like to flirt a little with their spouse? It’s fun and brings back the spice you might remember from your dating years! This year, resolute to flirt more with your spouse. There are so many fun ways to flirt, and your spouse just might be surprised and happy that you started it

Work toward conflict resolution: No marriage is perfect, but a peaceful marriage is one to strive for! Let 2023 be the year you work toward healthy conflict resolution. Learn ways to better your strategies for your marriage and discuss them with your partner. Work toward health communication

Forgive quicker: Holding onto an argument that happened five days ago will not lead your anywhere. Forgive your partner for mistakes, they happened and none of them are intentional. You may not want to forget the acts which hurt you but it is important to give your partner chances and let them know that you love them and that’s why you live with their mistakes

Check in regularly: Don’t go off for many hours a day when you are at work. Check on your spouse. Call your partner during lunch or evening tea to make him/her feel that you are thinking about them

Eat one meal a day together: If breakfast and lunch are not possible, make dinner a family meal. Eat together. Wait for your partner to come back home from work and serve for two when he is back. Waiting for your partner will instill more respect for you

Talk daily: If work keeps you busy and you come home tired, doesn’t mean you will directly go to sleep and not spend time with your spouse. It may be tiring but sharing the day’s activity with your partner is unwinding. Spend at least 30 minutes talking to your spouse about the day

Date weekly: While we may be busy every day, keep one day of the weekend to yourself. Take your partner out for a date. It can be a simple lunch or dinner together. Make your weekend dates special with different places or by just bringing them a small gift that they can carry or wear when you are going out

Put your spouse first: In the time when many think our happiness is important, the old idea of ‘spouse first’ keeps marriages strong, of course, this needs to be a two way road. It’s important that out spouses feel like they are important in our lives. This year, determine to put your spouse above all the noise trying to attract your attention. Put them first

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