World Samosa Day: 4 Places In Sion To Treat Your Tastebuds With This North-Indian Snack

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 04, 2023

Did you know that the world is celebrating Samosa Day this Tuesday, September 5?

It's a day you need to pick a samosa, dip it into some chutney or sauce, and relish a bite.

You can visit your favourite or regular samosa stall to enjoy the Indian snack. But if you aren't sure where to find the best samosas in Mumbai we have you covered.

Sion, the hub of samosas is your ideal destination to have a samosa party on this special occasion. Ask why? Because the area is home to some of the iconic stalls serving samosas to foodies.

Guru Kripa: This legendary restaurant has been there since the 70s and is a nostalgic place for many Mumbaikars. Now popular among college and school kids in the vicinity, it also attracts customers from across the city to taste the mouthwatering "chole samosa."

A1 Samosa: Whether you wish to eat a corn-stuffed samosa or a paneer-filled one, you'll find them all at this foodie paradise which offers people a variety of samosas to choose from. Located right next to the popular Guru Kripa restaurant, this is one of the places you could celebrate World Samosa Day.

Meeting Point: How about trying samosas with a punch? This place which is located towards the Sion railway station has on its menu something that will attract you to the outlet - Samosa Cheese Frankie & Samosa Sandwich.

Vaishnavi Snacks: Heard about BM Juice wala in Sion? This snack point is located near the mentioned juice stall as is one of the places to try samosa and its dishes related to it. Here, you could give your tastebuds a treat by ordering some samosa toast sandwiches.

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