Mumbai: 7 lit restaurants in BKC that are perfect for your Instagram feed

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 02, 2023

Butterfly High is a vibrant restaurant that doubles as a co-working space and is perfect for those Instagram selfies. It also offers tasty Indian food with a twist


Someplace Else is exactly as the name suggests. It is an electrifying place that has a quirky wall art, fancy cane & bamboo lanterns suspended from the ceiling

Blah! Is a whimsical themed restaurant that has a tall flamingo, white, pops of pink and green. This place serves continental and Asian food

Toast and Tonic is a beautiful rustic farmhouse themed restaurant perfect for those afternoon meals with friends & family


Amazonia Cafe has an aesthetic of tropical rainforest. The cafe is perfect for hanging out with your loved ones

Poetry by Love and Cheesecake is an all day neighbourhood-style cafe that serves Amercian- European cooking & classic beverages

Kyma is a restaurant that will get you closer to nature. The place offers Asian, Mediterranean food and craft cocktails along with earthy aesthtics


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