Missed witnessing Mumbai Urban Art Festival? Here's a guide to some of city's most iconic street art

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 06, 2023

Missed witnessing Mumbai Urban Art Festival? You may not have to regret now as the Sassoon Dock Art Project, where the festival was hosted is still open for public visiting. The venue can be visited on all days of the week

The murals by international and Indian artists are as vibrant and alive as they were during the festival. In fact, many of the artworks are still accessible to visitors at various places in the city

New mural by Fintan Magee at SRA Dadar: Through a textured glass, akin to the window of a high-rise building, Magee presents an image of a bird slipping away from a figure's hands, as if to remind us of the fragility of nature in a city that so rapidly develops and regenerates

Birds of India by Antwerp-based Street artist, Dzia at Mahim Art District (E): The artwork depicts the diversity of bird species found in India like the Eurasian golden oriole, magpie-robin, and common tailorbird

The artist creates vibrant imagery through a mosaic of bright colors and outlined in bold geometric lines. The artwork emphasises the relationship between natural and built realities, while also reflecting upon the importance of diversity in ecosystems

Mona Caron - Tapovan A-B Building, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel: Mona’s artworks pay site-specific tribute to local human efforts, by evoking the specific medicinal, nutritive, or ritualistic powers of the chosen plants in connection to the artwork’s social setting

The new mural at Lower Parel takes inspiration from humble roadside weeds and wild plants like kurdu, takla, chhota kalpa, and kantakari that hold powerful gifts of nutrition and medicine for humans

‘Dar-roj Mumbai’ by Aravani Art Project, Love Grove Flyover - Worli: the artwork consists of Mumbai’s everyday hustling citizens, expressing that this city functions as a conglomerate of human movements and that joy can be found even amidst the chaos

This wall art will simply encompass the need for us to stay positive and to remind us that we must keep moving forward. Forward into the vastness of time, emotion, strength and positivity

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Mumbai: The ongoing Urban Art Fest is a creative escape from the hustle and bustle of the city

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