Mayurbhanj: 7 Sites to visit at the home of the rare 'Black Tiger'

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 20, 2023

Make sure to visit Similipal Tiger Reserve, home to the rare 'Black Tiger'


Belgadia Palace is a beautiful 200 year old palace that will take you back to the Maharaja times


Barehipani Falls is a beautiful waterfalls located in the Similipal National Park


Kichakeswari Temple is an ancient temple located in Khiching, 205 km from Balasore and 150 km from Baripada in the Mayurbhanj district of north Odisha


Devkund Waterfalls is a naturally created pond located in the Similipal National Park


Bhimkund is the sacred pool in the river Vaitarani. The legend reveals that Bhima, the second Pandava used to take his bath in this pool when the Pandavas were passing their incognito life in Birat Nagar, said to be the present Kaptipada


Ramtirtha is located beneath the feet of Similipal National Park. The place is knwon for its beautiful scenery, temples and the crocodile rearing center


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