Know Your Comb Type! 7 Must-Have Hair Combs For Your Every Look

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 27, 2023

Wide-Tooth Comb: A wide-tooth comb is perfect for detangling hair without causing too much damage. It's often used for distributing conditioner evenly through the hair and for creating gentle, natural-looking waves

Rat Tail Comb: The rat tail comb has a long, thin handle that's ideal for creating precise parts, teasing hair for volume, and sectioning hair for intricate styles like braids and updos

Paddle Comb: Paddle combs have a wide, flat surface and wide-set teeth. They're particularly useful for detangling, smoothing, and straightening hair, making them a staple for everyday hairstyling

Pick Comb: A pick comb, also known as an afro comb, has longer and wider teeth, making it perfect for styling and detangling textured or curly hair. It helps maintain the natural texture while providing volume and shape

Round Hair Brush: A round hair brush is a styling tool with a cylindrical barrel and bristles that encircle it. It's commonly used for blow-drying hair, creating volume, curls and loose waves

Styling Comb with Different Teeth Patterns: These combs have a mix of fine and wide teeth, often in various patterns on either side. Its versatile and can be used for detangling, creating volume, and distributing products through the hair

Fine-Tooth Comb: This comb is ideal for creating sleek and precise hairstyles. It's great for smoothing down flyaways, creating partings, and achieving tight hairstyles like buns and ponytails

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