Know Which Pet Is Best For You According To Your Zodiac Sign

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 09, 2023

Aries: To meet your energy levels Border Collie is best for you

Taurus: Though, it's banned in India, Tortoise or little hamster are something you can choose to bring home

Gemini: African Gray parrot or Parakeet are best for you. You can also choose Parson Russell Terrier dog as your pet companion

Cancer – Himalayan Cat is perfect for Cancerians to complement their intuitive nature

Leo: Can there be any other animal be your pet than Bengal cat itself. A pet chicken can also match even the most attention-seeking Leo for creating a lot of cluck and fuss

Virgo: Greyhound dog or a fish are the most suitable to your structured, routine orientated personality

Libra: Bring a pair of lovebirds at home and you will find your spirit animal in them. Bright and beautiful, they thrive on love and affection–it's best to keep them in pairs

Scorpio: If snake was a pet to be kept at home, it would have been an ideal one for Scorpions. Instead, go for any cat

Sagittarius: A king's ride, horse is an idea pet for you to own. Australian Shepherd or a senior cat will meet your adventurous energies

Capricorn: Capricorns are workaholics and tend to give more preference to their professional life. They should only adopt a pet when they are sure they would be able to give the pet proper time and take care of its needs. Though, Rabbit, a gentle bunny is a good option

Aquarius: An exotic bird would be the ideal pet for you; it is smart, intelligent and unique looking

Pisces: Senior dog or Maine Coon cat are the well suited pets for you

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