Janmashtami 2023: 7 Popular Dahi Handi Spots In Mumbai To Catch That 'Govinda Aala Re' Moment

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 04, 2023

Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday will be celebrated on September 7. But in Mumbai the festival is also celebrated as 'Dahi Handi festival' where many young boys & girls called the 'Govindas', climb one over another and form a human pyramid to break the pot inspired by baby Krishna's life

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Here are few recommended spots to catch the 'Govinda Aala Re moment'. Jamboree maidan in Worli organised by the Shree Sankalp Pratishthan Charitable Trust organises the Dahi is one of the most popualr spots in Mumbai to spot the event

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Kalidas Kolambkar's Dahi Handi in Central Mumbai's Wadala is another place to experience the grand celebrations of the Govindas

Dahi Handi evet at Thane's Sangharsh, Open House Panchpakhadi organised by Sangharsh Pratishthan is another popular place in Mumbai to spot Govindas that you simply cannot miss

Ram Kadam's Dahi Handi in Ghatkopar's Sanitarium Lane is a star studded event. Where you can see the govindas break the dahi handi, while popular Bollywood stars cheer them along with the crowd

Dadar in Central Mumbai has multiple spots where the Govindas compete to break the dahi handi. Though the Dadar Nakshatra Lane is the most popular one

Dighe Sahebanchi Handi at Bhavani chowk, Tembhi Naka in Thane is another popular place to experience the much awaited Dahi handi event

Kranti Nagar in Girgaon is another popular spot where the festival has been celebrated since years

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