Jackfruit Festival in Delhi: Try Delectable Dishes From Appetisers To Desserts

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 22, 2023

An ongoing food festival in India's capital city, New Delhi will definitely, tempt Delhiites with an array of delectable and new-found jackfruit-inspired dishes

The 15-day gala, underway at coastal cuisine restaurant Sana-Di-Ge, aims to highlight the “remarkable versatility and exquisite taste of jackfruit” through the unique food pop-up from appetisers, and main courses to even desserts

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Jackfruit, a tropical fruit known for its fibrous texture and ability to mimic the texture of meat, is a favourite among vegans, vegetarians, and even those looking to explore new flavour profiles

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The preparations on the menu include 'Halasina Hannina Rassa’, ‘Halasina Kai Ghee Roast’

Pic credit: mycurryveda

‘Kathal ki Galouti’

Pic credit: Dine Delicious

‘Halasina Hannina Idli’

Pic credit: Archana's Kitchen

‘Jackfruit Biryani’

Pic credit: Easy Cooking with Molly

‘Halasina Hannina Payasamand.' The food goes off the table on June 30.

Pic credit: Home Chefs Cooking

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