Is your crush a cricket fan? Here is Bumble's love dictionary to guide your dating journey

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 28, 2023

Bumble’s mini-dictionary of cricket-dating terms that you can apply in your dating journey. Helicopter shot: in the game of love, is the big move you make when you realise they are the one for you

All-rounder: is someone who meets your expectations and desires leading to a meaningful, long-term connection

Clean bowled: Like a straight shot by the bowler that hits the wicket leaving the batsman stumped, this could translate to you being clean bowled as you realise you have fallen in love

No ball / wide ball: see this as a nudge for a second chance to explore love and find what you are looking for

Innings: Every cricket match has two innings when batsmen and bowlers reverse roles. When it comes to dating, set yourself up for a successful inning as you and your partner share equal responsibilities at home and in life

Target: You can also make magic happen in the last overs. Date at your own pace and set your own timelines, instead of rushing into things and giving into societal constructs or pressures

Hitting a boundary: Setting clear boundaries for yourself for your potential connections is crucial for a healthy and equitable relationship

Coach: Every team and player relies on the invaluable support and guidance of their coach through the game. In the same way, your dating allies, who might be your friends or family, play a major role in supporting you through your dating journey

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