International Feng Shui Awareness Day 2023: 7 Feng Shui plants that brings good luck

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 08, 2023

Money tree: is commonly used as Feng Shui plants and believed to bring wealth and good fortune

White Bird of Paradise or 'Strelitzia nicolai': brings positive energy and purifies air

Money plant or Jade plant or 'Crassula ovata': is believed to attract wealth symbolic of its coin-shaped leaves, and also bring good fortune

Pothos: brings abundance and generosity as they are so easy to propagate

Aloe vera: is said to ward off bad luck and bad energy apart from its other medicinal benefits

Rubber Plant or 'Ficus elastica': It is one of the best air-filtering houseplants and the broad leaves of the rubber plant are said to help the flow of positive energy throughout interiors, and promote health and prosperity

Peace lily: is known to keep the energy of a room positive and its leaves attract wealth, while the flowers bring good luck

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