IN PICS: All you need to know about New York's Museum of Broadway

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 28, 2023

The Museum of Broadway is an interactive and experiential museum that celebrates Broadway's rich history, the behind-the-scenes and its game changers

You can see hundreds of rare costumes, props and artifacts up close and experience Broadway like never before

Right on Times Square in the heart of New York’s theater district and right next to the Lyceum Theater, a new Museum of Broadway is designed to take fans behind the curtain of some of its biggest musicals

Rooms in the museum on 45th Street, use music, videos, glittering costumes and walk-through sets to tell the history of how the theater district came to be

It also covers groundbreaking shows from 'West Side Story' to 'Cats', with details on who does what behind the scenes

The museum has three parts: The Map Room, where there's a short film that outlines the history of New York theater and a map of where each current theater is located, a Broadway timeline that stretches throughout most of the exhibit, and a special section called the Making of a Broadway Show

The Broadway timeline itself is two floors filled with pictures and artifacts –costumes, props, documents – illustrating the history of New York theater from minstrelsy and vaudeville up to the present day

The exhibit is an immersive dive into the backstage of every Broadway show – from a stage manager's desk to a room dedicated to writers, to areas explaining costume and set design

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