Holy Basil: 7 Miraculous Power Of Tulsi

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 02, 2023

Tulsi, often referred to as the 'Elixir Of Life' or 'Queen Of The Herbs', is grown in many Indian homes in the centre of the courtyard and is worshipped every morning and evening. Its is believed to protect and safeguard the home from evil influences. It prevents the spread of germs due to its antibacterial properties, and helps to keep the atmosphere clean

Holy Basil or Tulsi helps to get relief from cold and cough. Water boiled with tulsi leaves can go a long way in curing sore throat and this water can also be used to gargle beneficial in treating mouth ulcers

It is good for the health of kidneys and regular consumption of water boiled with tulsi leaves can expel the stones via the urinary tract

Consuming tulsi leaves can reduce blood cholesterol levels, thus promoting a healthy heart, thereby reducing the chances of cardiac problems

Tulsi helps in purifying blood thus preventing common skin ailments. It also helps to get rid of skin infections and clears skin

Mixing dried tulsi powder in slightly heated coconut oil and applying it on the scalp can cure common scalp infections and thus reduce hair fall

Tulsi leaves, when dried and powdered, can be used along with mustard oil in order to fight bad breath and teeth problems

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