Holi 2023: 10 health benefits of Bhang that no one told you about

By: FPJ Web Desk | March 06, 2023

With Holi around the corner, Bhang seems to be high on everyone’s priority list and why not? After all bhang along with the right set of people and some foot tapping music is the ultimate recipe for a fun, fabulous Holi party

However, is to stay responsible, know your limits and consume bhang as per prescribed dosage only. Delzaad Deolaliwala, Chairman of Pan India Medical Cannabis and Hemp Association says, “It’s best to seek advice from a professional Ayurvedic medical practitioner when taking to bhang for health issues.” Here are 10 other health benefits of bhang.

Reduces Pain & Inflammation: Due to presence of Tamaguna in Bhanga leaves, it helps in mitigating pain in body. It reduces the pain sensing capacity of brain

Induces Sleep: Due to Nidrapradayani property, Bhanga naturally induces sleep and increases the duration of deep sleep in an individual

Improves Appetite: Due to Pachan property, it helps in increasing digestive fire of the individual. It also helps in reducing Bloating and loose motions

Improves Libido: It helps in improving blood circulation around the penile organ and thus helps in improving erectile dysfunction in patient. Also, it increases liquefaction time in individual due to which patient gets relief from premature ejaculation

Reducing Menstrual cramps: It helps in improving blood circulation to the uterine muscles thus reduces cramps in the wall of uterine muscles. This helps in mitigating pain and cramps during menstrual days. It is mentioned as Rajahshula Nihanti ashu in classical text

Reduces Migraine: it helps in reducing headache and migraine related pain. It is mentioned as Ardhavbhedak in text

Reduces pain due to Haemorrhoids: It helps in reducing inflammation and swelling due to haemorrhoids. Thus, reduces pain induced by haemorrhoids

Reduces seizures: It reduces spasticity of muscles occurs due to seizures. It also reduces episodes of seizures in patient. It is mentioned as Unmada nashini in ayurvedic book

Improves IBS: Due to Grahi property, it helps to cure symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. It helps to improves gut health and reduces episodes of loose motions

Improves Speech: Due to Pralapa property, it helps to improves speech of the patient who are having stuttered speech or has social anxiety

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