Get addicted to these 12 habits and you will be unrecognisable in 2023

By: Chhaya Gupta | January 06, 2023

Stay as active as possible: Move your body by walking as much as you can- avoid any mode of transportation, doing household chores and regular exercise. This will also help to maintain weight, strengthen your bone and muscles, reduce the risk of getting diabetes and heart problems

Eat healthy food mainly organic food that comes from nature like fruits, green leafy vegetables, sprouts, pulses instead of processed food as they are high in protein, fibers, vitamins, minerals, and low in carbohydrates and calories. It will help you to maintain good health

Never skip breakfast as it boosts your metabolism and keep your system healthy. You should include more dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals, and less fat and carbs in your breakfast. Eating the right food will keep you energized

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water. It is essential for every cell, tissue, and organ of our body. Always keep a small water bottle with you and drink water at frequent intervals

Sound sleep keep your body and mind stable. It helps to restore the normal function of the body and recovers the nervous system. Take 7-8 hours’ sleep daily

Total deprivation of sleep can lose control over the brain. Struggling to get sleep? Then read a book, listen to silent music, try meditation, and if nothing works, seek medical attention

Stress can give birth to a chain of physical and mental illnesses including high blood pressure, heart related issues and stroke. Living stress-free life is difficult but try to avoid it as much as you can

Keep away from toxic people and make your life easy. Keep your mind calm

Maintain friendship with people with whom you can connect well and the one who can give you right advices whenever you are confused about life choices

Go for a digital detox whenever you can. Go offline- limit your screen time. There is a real world outside the phone waiting to be explored and enjoyed by you

Travel and take a break from your routine life. This will help renew your mind and relieve you from life stress

You can maintain a diary in which you can write all the good things that happened to you on that day, compliments received and read that later. You could also write things you are grateful for. It will make you happy

Keep decluttering your spaces- mobile, wardrobe, home equipments, and organising everything in order. It helps in all ways- creates space and will give you mental satisfaction. You will move your body too while doing it

Spend 'Me Time'- in whichever way you like like pampering yourself by giving face and body spa- your 'self salon' at home

Spending time with oneself is important to reconnect with one's mind and soul. Also, gives you time to make important life decisions. When you follow these 12 habits, you will be unrecognisable in a few days in 2023; you will definitely feel the change and others too, will notice them

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