10 Vastu tips to follow at home for a blissful 2023

By: FPJ Web Desk | January 01, 2023

As per Vastu Shastra, when buying or constructing a home, ensure having the main entrance of your house at north, east or northeast as it allows positive energy to flow inside the house

Keeping an aquarium in the home is considered auspicious, as the sound of flowing water, helps in the flow of positive energy and brings prosperity

Keeping a flute in your house prevents from financial crisis and troubles

When sleeping, one should keep their head towards the south, and face towards the northeast

Refrain from placing the mirror opposite to your bed as they lead to drained energy and sickness

Keeping a burning candle in the room of an unwell person can help in their speedy recovery

Planting a sapling on New Year is believed to bring good luck

Declutter your kitchen by removing old, cracked utensils and crockery

Keeping a pyramid at home brings positivity and prosperity

Keeping a metal turtle at home is said to be auspicious as they bring happiness, prosperity and wealth; so you can buy it on this New Year

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