From Tandoori Roti To Paratha: 7 Indian Chapati Varieties That Are Famous Among All Households

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 18, 2023

Paratha: Who doesn't know paratha? The flatbread made of whole wheat dough, Parathas are favourite about every Indian household. Layered with ghee, often parathas are stuffed with potato, paneer, cauliflower, radish and many other vegetables

Roomali Roti: This thin and soft handkerchief flatbread is famous among Muslim community. Making this roti needs expertly hands, not only to stretch it to a perfect shape but also to cook in a hot dome

Tandoori Roti: Made of whole wheat dough, this flatbread is cooked in tandoor (clay oven). Slightly charred, this roti carries a distinct smoky flavour

Poori: Crafted from unleavened wheat dough, poori is a deep-fried Indian bread that is savoured in every household. Once dipped in hot oil, it puffs up turning golden in colour while becoming airy inside

Bhatura: Just like poori Bhatura is also a deep-fried Indian bread. The dough is fermented for sometime using yogurt and little but of semolina. This slightly crisp and fluffy delight is famous among North Indians

Naan: Go to any dhaba or restaurant in India, you will have Naan accompanying every vegetable. This leavened bread is typically baked in tandoor. A delightful combination of charred, smokey, and pillowy texture make Naan a perfect delight at any time of the meal

Puran Poli: A traditional Maharashtrian sweet flatbread is made from split chickpea (chana dal) and jaggery filling

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