From Phad to Madhubani; 7 Traditional artwork from India to elevate your home décor

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 28, 2023

Phad paintings from Rajasthan are vibrant and narrative paintings that depict mythological and folk tales, often showcasing deities and heroic figures. Hang a Phad painting on a prominent wall to create a striking focal point

Kalyan Joshi

Madhubani Painting originated from the Bihar's Mithila region is characterised by intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colours that depicts nature and mythology. Frame a Madhubani artwork or create a mural in your living room for a unique touch


Warli art from Maharashtra is known for its simple yet captivating style. It is usually created in white on a red ochre background, with scenes that portray rural life. Create a gallery wall featuring different Warli art pieces for the rustic vibe

HEM crafts

Pattachitra is a traditional art form from Odisha, characterised by intricate paintings on cloth or palm leaf that depict mythological narratives & religious themes. Frame a Pattachitra painting to infuse your home with a touch of spiritual aesthetics

International Indian Folk Art Gallery

Gond art originates from the Gond tribes of Madhya Pradesh and is characterized by intricate dot and line work. The paintings often depict animals, birds, and nature, with vibrant colours and patterns. You can showcase Gond art on your walls or incorporate it into decorative elements like lampshades or pottery

Dastkari Haat Samiti

Kalamkari is an ancient art from Andhra Pradesh. It involves hand-painting intricate designs on fabric using natural dyes. Kalamkari artworks often depict scenes from Hindu epics, and nature. Incorporate Kalamkari fabrics as curtains, table runners, or cushion covers for an ethnic touch

Tanjore painting from Tamil Nadu is known for its intricate gold leaf work and embellishments. These richly adorned paintings typically portray deities, surrounded by vibrant colours and elements. Hang a Tanjore painting in your prayer room or as a focal point in your living area


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