National Ice Cream Day 2023: 7 Quirky Flavours In Mumbai That Every Foodie Should Try Once

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 16, 2023

Ice cream is everyone's favourite. Here are 7 ice cream flavours that every foodie should try once

Kala Jamun by Naturals is an concoction of kala jamun, milk and sugar, perfect for summer


Rose PIsta Gelato by NOTO Ice cream is a delicate and fresh combination, that has the subtle sweetness of rose enhances the nutty pistachio in this flavour


Hand churned Mango Ice cream by Taj Ice cream made from seasonal Mongoes is creamy and will simply melt in your mouth

Taj Ice cream

Pani Puri Pathaka at Apsara Ice Creams is a bizarre flavour that one must try once in their life

Apsara Ice Creams

Green Chili Ice Cream by Bachelorr’s is another quirky ice cream floavour that has sweetness and spicy all at once


Try the Calcutta Paan Ice-cream by Ice Cream Works at multiple outlets in Mumbai

Last But not the least, amke sure to try Rose Ripple at the iconic K Rustom Ice Cream

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