From Kebab To Burger Tikkis; 7 Must-Try Indian Brands That Sell Ready To Cook Food

By: FPJ Web Desk | June 10, 2023

Licious is one of the first startups that sell meat and fish straight to your homes. You can also order ready to cook meat and fish

Meatigo is another Indian startup that sells ready to cook marinated meat and tikkas that you must definitely try

Freshpick is where you can get one of the best delicious ready to cook food

Blue Tribe Food is perfect for all the vegetarian folks, you can try their veg tikkis that are perfect for every party

Wakao foods is another startup where you can buy some delicious plant based meats

Meister Wurst is another brand that comes with all sort of salamis, tikkis and sausages for meta lovers

Fresh to Home is another app that lets you order fish and meat straight to your home, that serves marinated and ready to cook food

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