Explore Romance In A New City With These 4 Secret Dating Tips

By: FPJ Web Desk | August 25, 2023

Dating in a new city can be an exciting yet challenging adventure. Whether you've moved for work, education, or a fresh start, here are some essential dating tips by Bumble to make the most of your romantic journey in an unfamiliar place

Explore before a routine sets in: Step out and familiarise yourself with the best spots the city has to offer with your connection before you set into a routine

Filter to your liking, values and interests: Set yourself up to meet like-minded people by using your dating app's filters that are designed to act as conversation starters that help break the ice and connect over shared interests

Be open-minded: Just like you might be more open to trying a new food or activity, you could apply that same attitude to using a dating app to date in a new city. Adjust your date filters—perhaps your age range, or the sort of relationship you’re after—to be a bit more flexible

Shared activities together: When you’re travelling to a difference city or abroad you may be short on time. If you’re planning on dating on holiday, tie in visiting a cultural landmark or activity you wanted to check out. Not only will it be a good ice-breaker, you’ll also tick some sight-seeing off your list too

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