Did you know that you should not ask for salt when dining in Egypt? 10 bizarre beliefs around the world that will surprise you

By: FPJ Web Desk | May 16, 2023

Whistling indoors: leads to financial problems as per Russians. In Norway, whistling at the sun causes rain

Sitting at the corner of the table: is bad luck according to Hungarian and Russian superstitions. The unlucky diner will allegedly never get married

Some Central and South American countries as well as the Philippines believe that resting your purse or wallet on the ground: will lead to bad financial luck

Sitting directly on the cold ground: can lead to a woman never having children, according to Russian myth

Choose the flowers you give to a Russian: Avoid flowers with yellow colors as they represent a break-up of a relationship or deceit. Red carnations are taboo as well because these are flowers presented to veterans who survived the war and on the graves of those who have left this earth

Don’t ask for salt when dining in Egypt: It is taken as an insult to the host, as Egyptians take it to mean that you are repulsed by the taste of the meal served to you

Mind your table manners in Norway: In some cultures, it is acceptable to eat food with your bare hands. Be sure to brush up on how to eat with a knife and fork before you travel to Norway. In this Scandinavian country, even sandwiches are eaten using a fork and a knife

Choose the right occasion to discuss business in Bolivia: Bolivians believe that a dinner is for improving personal relationships. If you are invited to a business lunch or dinner, do not bring up the topic of business on the table, unless your Bolivian host is the first to bring it up

Where Do You Sit When Taking a Taxi? - In Australia, it is considered snobbish to sit at the back. Australians often sit in front with the taxi driver

Give flowers only in an odd number: according to Russian, French and, for example, Armenian traditions, as an even number of flowers is brought to a funeral

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