Couples Yoga: 5 Benefits Of Including These Poses In Routine Life

By: FPJ Web Desk | September 23, 2023

Stress reliever: Experts of yoga practitioners suggest couples yoga can act as a stress buster and reduce anxiety and tension, promoting a peaceful relationship

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Improves connection: Practising couples yoga will help partners to improve their bond and connection with each other as they become attuned to each other’s needs and emotions

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Intimacy: It helps strengthen trust in a relationship and a good physical connection leads to greater intimacy

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Flexibility: Yoga improves physical and mental flexibility. Doing couples yoga can make partners more adaptable, adjusting and open-minded in their relationship; allowing easy resolution of conflicts and challenges

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You get to spend good quality time with your partner when you engage in couples yoga

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Note that before doing any couples yoga poses you need to have proper knowledge and training about it. Don't attempt any of these poses unless you have proper supervision and guidance

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