Mumbai: 7 must-visit ancient churches in Bandra during this Christmas

By: Chhaya Gupta | December 22, 2022

St. Peter’s Church: The church that was built in 1853 and had the foundation of the New Church laid in 1938 is constructed in the Roman style. The church is quite spacious and looks beautiful with stained glass windows

Basilica of Our Lady of The Mount/ Mount Mary Church: The beautiful murals on the interior walls of the church depicts the life story of Mother Mary. The annual feast, Bandra Fair is held at the church on the 8th of September every year and during Christmas, it is decorated with lights which makes the church look spectacular

Mount Carmel Church: 125-year-old Mount Carmel Church got a modern makeover and now, it has minimalistic interior, well-ventilated space and the large cross along with the crucifix

St. Andrew’s Church: Built in the sixteenth century, the iconic church was the only church in Mumbai until the mid-seventeenth century. St. Andrew’s is a Roman Catholic Church and has been renovated several times. The Portuguese styled paintings and the altar are quite attractive for the tourists

St. Stephen’s Church: More than 165-year-old, the church is a cottage-sized and serene which is surrounded by greenery. The glass windows have Biblical paintings which is an eye-catching sight

St. Anne’s Church: It is a 160-year-old church with murals and the grand chandeliers that add a charismatic look to the humble interiors

St. Theresa’s Church: A 30-feet-tall church with a modern architectural style is sure to amaze you at first sight. It was first built as a chapel in the year 1949 and was later consecrated on October 2, 1962

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