10 times Chetan Bhagat attracted controversies for his remarks and infamous acts

By: Chhaya Gupta | November 28, 2022

Chetan Bhagat, an Indian author often lands himself in soup by his controversial statements, tweets and acts.

2022- Recently, the author is in news for his statement, "On one side, there is a youth who is protecting our nation at Kargil and on another side, we have another youth who is seeing Uorfi Javed's photos hiding in their blankets."

2017- A Bangalore-based author Avnita Bajpai accused Chetan Bhagat of plagiarism for his novel 'One Indian Girl'.

2017- A defamation suit of 1 crore INR was filed against Bhagat by Maharaja Bahadur Kamal Singh in Bihar for portraying male members of a Royal family as alcoholics and gamblers in his book 'Half Girlfriend'.

2016- The author, after the launch of his book 'One Indian Girl' tried to get people to tweet photos of his book, in a bid to promote it and landed in controversy.

2016- After India defeated Pakistan in the T20 World Cup, Chetan Bhagat blamed partition for Pakistan's defeat, which helped him gain hatred from the netizens.

2015- The country had become intolerant to certain issues and which led several 'Sahitya Akademi' winners return their awards. Bhagat's funny tweet on the same was not appreciated by people.

2015- A Twitter user complemented Twinkle Khanna's writing skills and wrote, “You are an amazing writer, you don’t need to change your name to Chetali Bhagat.”

This lead to an online spat between the two authors.

2015- Master of controversies Chetan Bhagat tweeted, “What do historians do? I am genuinely curious. This happened. Then this happened. Then this. Ok work done for the day," and was trolled for the same.

2010- Chetan Bhagat claimed that the plot of the movie 3 Idiots was lifted from his book 'Five Point Someone' and was not given credit for that too. Director of the movie, Rajkumar Hirani said that he narrated the script to the author and had purchased the rights of the books.

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