Celebration of 300-year old Karaga festival in Bengaluru; check PICS

By: FPJ Web Desk | April 09, 2023

The nine-day-long Karaga festival concluded in the wee hours of Friday in Bengaluru. It is celebrated each year to mark the return of Draupadi in the form of Adishakti

300-year-old Karaga festival has its roots in the Hindu mythological epic Mahabharata

It is believed that Draupadi, the wife of the five Pandavas, created several Veera Kumaras (brave sons) to form a mini army and defeat the evil demon Timirasura

At the time of her death, these Veera Kumaras begged Draupadi not to leave them and Draupadi promised to return each year during the month of Chaitra

Devotees take out a large procession from Shri Dharma Raya Swamy temple in Bengaluru's Nagarathpete; carrying earthen pots on their heads

The procession passed through Cubbonpet, Ganigarapet, Avenue Road, Balepete, Doddapete, Kumbarapete, Gollarapete, Ulsoor, KR Market, Cottonpet, and other areas

The festival also includes a visit to Astana e-Hazrath Tawakkal Mastan Shah Saharwardi Dargah, as a symbol of unity between the Hindus and the Muslims

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