Baby Care: 5 Essential Tips for New Parents During Monsoon

By: FPJ Web Desk | July 13, 2023

The rainy season brings along with it the risks of diseases, infections, and mosquito bites, making it necessary to take extra care of your baby. Pallavi Utagi of baby and mom care brand SuperBottoms shared some easy tips you should follow to enjoy the rainy season and keep your baby protected and safe

Make no compromise with hygiene: If you have a baby at home, you must always keep the place clean and sanitized to prevent the spread of germs. You must clean the baby's toys, feeding equipment, bedding, clothes, and others to prevent the risk of diseases

You should ensure proper cleanliness in different areas of the house and check for water puddles, dampness, and dark corners, which can give rise to fungal infections

Pick the right diapers: In the rainy season due to high moisture and wetness, babies not only pee more often but also are prone to skin irritation/ rashes due to wetness. To take good care of the baby's bum, parents need to ensure to give the baby adequate diaper-free time and also use diapers that are breathable

Cloth diapers are one such option, these are made of 100% organic cotton, don't have any chemicals and are eco-friendly. These are washable, and reusable diapers which are gentle on your baby's delicate skin but also breathable. Opting for cloth diapers is a fantastic choice as they provide excellent all-night absorbency, ensuring your baby stays dry and comfortable for a peaceful sleep

Ensure protection against mosquitoes: Mosquito-borne diseases are very common during the monsoon. To keep your baby safe, you must ensure proper protection against mosquito bites by using nets, safe repellents, fully-covered clothes, etc. This can protect your baby from discomfort, swelling in the skin, and any other kind of illness

Stay alert for signs of illness: to keep your baby fit during the rainy season. You should give your baby a healthy and balanced diet. If you observe symptoms like fever, cough, etc., then you should consult a doctor immediately. Also, boosting a baby's immunity by giving him food rich in essential nutrients can protect him from common illnesses during the rainy season

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